Bridal Dress

Before the western wedding gown,chinese brides got married in a traditional wedding dress.It is a two-piece loose jacket and skirt or cheongsam in striking red to symbolize luck and happiness for the auspicious occasion and is usually heavily embroidered or embellished with colourful threads,pearls,coloured sequins.Always embroidered with a dragon and phoenix down the front.The dragon in the chinese culture represents the male while the phoenix represents the female.Having them side by side symbolizes the perfect balance of yin and yang of the bride and the groom.Traditionally,the qun kwa was worn with a red head cloth covering the bride’s face as the groom was not allowed to view his bride until after the marriage.Today,many modern chinese brides have done away with the red cloth replacing it with stylish fascinators but still choose to preserve their chinese heritage by wearing the auspicious qua during their wedding.
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